About the project

The main goal of the project Interactive culinary map of the Bulgarian language territory is to present a culinary map of the Bulgarian language territory on the internet which will enable academic audiences and the wider public, both at home and abroad, to watch and listen to ethnographic material, audio and video, clips as well as to explore a photo gallery referring to the culinary culture of Bulgarians as part of the national identity. Uploaded material is up-to-date and authentic and has been collected during field expeditions.

The project represents original applied research in both its concept and methodology and is fully aligned with the latest technology standards. The extensive promotion of the map seeks to elicit broad public awareness about the national cuisine and the distribution of the Bulgarian language and dialects inside and outside the state borders.

The project refers to two thematic ranges of the Institute for Bulgarian Language, notably, Language e-resources and tools for their processing and Cultural and historical linguistic heritage of Bulgaria.

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