Elena (near Veliko Tarnovo)

Elena-style leg of pork


Leg of pork, salt



Salt the fresh leg of pork and leave it this way for 40-50 days to absorb the salt. Take it out in February and leave to hang in an airy place to dry up for at least 10 months and up to 1 year. Noble mold should develop on its surface. The leg of pork can be stored for even longer than 2 years. To serve, cut into very thin stripes.

Elena-style dry pork fillet sausage

Pate (pork stuffed in pig maw)

Kopiska (sour cabbage with fatty pork)


sour cabbage, fresh fatty pork, fermented cabbage juice, black pepper, paprika, bay leaf



Boil the meat with the sour cabbage and some fermented cabbage juice. Season with black pepper, paprika and bay leaf. Finally, bake in the oven for a short while.

Karvavitsa (blood-sausage)


pork lung, fatty bloody pork, rice, salt



Stuff the large pork intestines with a mixture of chopped pork lung, fatty bloody meat from the pig’s neck, and rice. Tie up the stuffed intestines into pieces and boil until ready. Serve Karvavitsa blood-sausage cool.

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