• for the dough: wheat flour, milk, yoghourt, yeast, baking soda, vinegar
  • for the stuffing:  spring onions, green garlic, sorrel, dill, parsley, rice, crushed walnuts, bacon, fenugreek, black pepper, paprika



Make the dough and leave to rise for one night. Divide in two balls – a larger one and a smaller one. Fry the garlic, then add the onions and the sorrel. Cover with a lid and leave to simmer. Add the dill and parsley. Then add the rice, the salo and the walnuts. Sprinkle with paprika, black pepper and fenugreek. After the filling simmers for a while to soften, roll out the larger sheet of dough and spread at the bottom of a baking dish. Pour the mixture and cover with the smaller sheet of dough. Seal on the edges and put the dish in the oven.

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