Rabbit kaplama (stew)


rabbit meat, onion, tomato, dried damsons or other dried fruit, paprika, garlic, oil, black pepper, bay leaf, 1 teacup wine, salt



Cut the rabbit meat in slices and fry. Chop finely the onion and brown. Add some tomato or tomato puree, as well as paprika browned in oil. Then add the dried damsons or other dried fruit. Put in whole garlic cloves. Sprinkle with black pepper, add bay leaf and finally pour in the wine. If the stew is not thick enough, thicken with some flour mixed with water.

Kavram (milk cheese pie)


flour, baking soda, vinegar, salt, oil, white cheese, sugar, milk



Make ordinary dough and roll out in sheets. Grease each sheet with a little oil and put crumbled white cheese over it. Roll up, then shape like a „snail“. Bake. When it cools down, pour over a little water and then hot milk (you may also sweeten the milk: optional).

Trahana cereal


flour, red peppers, fenugreek, pot-herb, leaven



Deseed the peppers and cook in water with the herbs. When ready squeeze them out and use only the sauce. Add leaven to the flour, also yeast from previously made trahana, and the sauce from the peppers. Then make dough and leave it to rise until it turns slightly sour – two days will be needed or even longer depending on the temperature. Tear the dough into small bits and then leave in the open air to dry up. The trahana is stored in small cotton bags. Like pasta, it is added to various dishes.


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