sour cabbage, beetroot (pickled or tinned), kàrvavitsa (black sausage), sudzhuk (flat sausage), chicken legs, pork ribs, veal, bacon, rice, black pepper, cumin, bay leaf, wine



Fry the rice slightly, and season with black pepper. Spread a cabbage leaf at the bottom of a deep earthen pot. Add a few slices of bacon. Chop the cabbage, wash and squeeze out to remove the juice. Put part of it in the pot and sprinkle with cumin. Chop the meat and trim the silver skin. Chop the beetroot and add to the other ingredients in the earthen pot. Put part of the meat and the rice. Then add the rest of the sour cabbage. Place on top the flat sausage, the black sausage and the slices of veal. Cover with the remainder of the sour cabbage, chopped and squeezed out. Pour over the wine, add the bay leaf, cover with a whole cabbage leaf and put into the oven.



a knuckle of veal, carrots, onions, potatoes, dried peppers, bay leaf, garlic, black pepper, allspice, tomato juice, sunflower oil, vinegar, wine



Grease the bottom of an earthen pot with sunflower oil. Season the meat with salt and arrange part of it in the pot. Add the onion, carrots and potatoes. Arrange another layer of meat above them and cover with onion, carrots and potatoes again. Add the garlic, the dried pepper and the spices. Pour the tomato juice, the rest of the oil and the wine on top. Cover with a lid and bake.

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