Shlyopavo (squashy) fry


green leaves from spring onions, lard, 3-4 tbsp. of wheat flour, 200-300 g of white cheese, 2-3 eggs, water, salt



Cut the green leaves of spring onions and fry in melted lard. Filter and put in a bowl. In the same lard, fry the flour gradually adding water to obtain mash. Add the fried green leaves from the spring onions to the mash, as well as the cheese and the beaten eggs. Leave to simmer for another 5-10 minutes and season with salt to taste.

Siromashko (poor man’s) fry


dried peppers, lard, 1-2 eggs, salt



Cut the dried peppers and fry in melted lard. Add the beaten 1-2 eggs and some salt to taste. Fry for further 5-6 min. until ready.



spring garlic, dried peppers, 1 cucumber, dill, water, vinegar, salt, sugar



In a deep bowl, chop finely the peeled cucumber, the spring garlic and the dill. Add to them the dried peppers – soaked in water and finely chopped too. Then add vinegar, salt and sugar to taste. Finally pour 2-3 cups water. In the past, this soup was first choice on hot summer days during farming work out in the fields.

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