Peppers with urda (curds)


peppers, sunflower oil, curds, salt



Put the finely chopped peppers in the heated oil. Fry with the salt. When ready, add the curds.



sour cabbage, pork cracklings (or small pieces of meat, fried), rice, paprika, water



Fry the sour cabbage. Add the rice and water to it, sprinkle with paprika and leave to simmer. After the rice swells, pour the mixture into a baking dish, add some more water, as well as the cracklings. Cook until ready.



pumpkin, sugar, butter, flour, milk, walnuts



Cut the pumpkin and remove the seeds. Slice in thin pieces. Sprinkle with sugar, add butter and start mashing. Spread in a baking dish, dust with flour, add more butter and the walnuts. Finally pour on top with the milk and bake until golden and ready.



leek, curds, white flour, salt, sunflower oil, lukewarm water



Fry the leek in sunflower oil. Season. Sift the flour. Add salt, sunflower and water and make soft dough. Divide into several same-size balls with only one bigger than the rest. Roll out thin sheets of dough. Leave them for a few minutes to dry up. Put the largest sheet at the bottom of the baking dish. Sprinkle with oil and put another sheet over it. Put the whole stuffing in the middle and do not spread out. Over the stuffing arrange sheet after sheet spreading oil and curds between the layers. When the final sheet is added, wrap the zelnik with the remainder of the lowest sheet and grease with oil. Cook until ready.

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