Alino zelnik


  • for the stuffing: sorrel, leeks, an egg, white cheese, sunflower oil
  • for the dough: flour, salt, sunflower oil, lukewarm water


Sift the flour, add salt, sunflower oil, lukewarm water and make soft dough. Use the dough to form balls, grease the balls and set aside to rise. Then roll out the sheets of dough for the zelnik and make sure you stretch each sheet with your hands after the roll-out.

Wash the sorrel and chop finely, add the crumbled white cheese with the egg and stir the mixture well. Grease a baking dish and spread in it a large sheet of pastry, with the edges going beyond the rim of the dish. Pour the mixture in the middle of the sheet of pastry and cover with a smaller sheet. Arrange the other sheets around the mixture – rolled up after they have been sprinkled with grease, egg and white cheese. Finally, wrap all sheets with the large sheet at the bottom of the baking dish using the sheet’s edges going beyond its rim. Sprinkle the zelnik over with oil and bake in a moderate oven. In older times, the zelnik was made in a podnitsa (flat clay baking dish) under a vrashnik (convex iron lid) for Christmas and Cheesefare Sunday.

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