Tikvenik (pumpkin pie)


pumpkin, walnuts, sugar, cinnamon, oil



Mix the water and sugar and boil to make syrup. Leave aside to cool down. Use the flour, water and salt to make dough and roll it out in sheets. Optional: buy packaged pastry sheets. Clean the pumpkin and grate, then fry it slightly in the oil and add the walnuts. Mix the sugar with the cinnamon. Shape the tikvenik as you like – either laid or rolled. In the laid version, some of the pumpkin mixture is spread on each of the sheets, adding the sugar and cinnamon. In the rolled up version, some of the mixture is put into each sheet of pastry, and every sheet is rolled up. Bake the pumpkin pie slowly, at a low temperature. While still hot, pour over the cold sugar syrup.

Roasted pumpkin


  • For the pastry sheets: flour, salt, water
  • For the sugar syrup: water, sugar



Deseed the pumpkin but don’t remove the skin. Cut into pieces. Arrange in a baking dish, tightly, and with the skin up. Boil syrup from the sugar and water, and pour over the slices. Bake for a long time. When the pumpkin skin browns, turn the pieces upside down and bake until ready. Serve cool.

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