flour, egg, white cheese, salt, water, oil for frying



Use the ingredients to make dough. Cut into balls and roll out into thin round sheets. Crumble (or grate) the white cheese and spread over half of the round sheet (rogovachka). Stick the two ends together. Heat up the oil and fry the rogovachki.

Duck with cabbage


duck meat, sour cabbage, rice, bay leaf, ground black pepper, water



Cut the meat and let it boil a little bit. Move to a baking dish where layers of cabbage and rice have been arranged. Add the seasoning and bake. Stir well before you serve.

Other interesting places and recipes


Tikvenik (pumpkin pie) Ingredients: pumpkin, walnuts, sugar, cinnamon, oil Method: Mix the water and sugar and boil to make syrup. Leave aside to cool down. Use the flour, water and salt to make dough and roll it out in sheets. Optional: buy packaged pastry sheets. Clean the pumpkin and grate...


Brine de peshte (fish soup) Ingredients: Danube fish (Danube bleak, pike or other), dried peppers (slightly hot ones are also fine), onion, tomato, garlic, dill, salt, sunflower oil...

Severna Dobrudzha

Majun Ingredients: 3–4 onions, 4–5 sweet red peppers, 2 hot red peppers, salt, water, sugar, vinegar Method: Bring the water to a boil with a little salt...