Banitsa Makarina


  • For the pastry sheets: flour, eggs, salt, oil, water
  • For the stuffing: crumbled white cheese



Use the ingredients to make soft dough. Divide into 5-6 balls and set aside to rest. Next, roll out sheets of pastry, but make sure they are not too thin. Cut into pieces and blanch in boiling water with some salt and oil. The sheets of pastry are ready when they pop up on the surface. Take them out and soak for a short while in cold water. Leave them to drain.

Arrange the banitsa pie with the drained sheets adding crumbled white cheese and oil between every two layers. Spread plenty of oil over the last layer and bake the Makarina.



onion, rice, soaked and drained damsons, sugar, oil, stock (from chicken, rooster or turkey)



Brown the onion (cleaned and chopped) in the oil. Clean the rice and add to the onion. Cook a little. Add the chicken stock. Leave to simmer, then add the sugar. Shortly before the rice is fully cooked, put in the damsons.

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