Staro Zhelezare

Onion chicken


a homebred chicken, water, salt

  • for the brown sauce: 2 tbsp. flour, sunflower oil, paprika
  • for the seasoning: pounded garlic, vinegar



Cull the chicken, then scald it in boiling water, deplume and singe the whole chicken over fire. Cut the poultry, put in a pan and boil. Make some brown sauce with sunflower oil, flour and paprika and add it to the pan with the stock and the boiled chicken. Serve with crushed garlic and vinegar.

Starets (Old man)


1 kg selected meat: pork, pork tripe; paprika, cumin, fennel, salt, savory



Mince the meat, then season with paprika, ground cumin, ground fennel and salt and mix well. Leave the mixture for the night in a cool place. On the next day, knead the minced meat again and then stuff into the tripe, stitch it up and press with weights over wooden boards. Forty days later, hang up the sausage to dry up in an airy place for about 2–3 months. When dried up, roll in wooden ash and hang up again in an airy place. Consume in the autumn during grape picking.

Sraro Zhelezare potherb


savory, paprika, hot paprika, mint, fennel, black pepper, salt, cumin



Pick up the savory, wash, cut and leave to dry up. When dry, pound it in a wooden mortar, sift with a sieve and mix with homemade paprika, some hot paprika, ground mint, ground cumin, ground black pepper, ground fennel and salt. Use the potherb for seasoning various foods.

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