Festive flat loaf with sesame


flour, baking soda, yeast, water, salt, egg yolk, sesame



Sift the flour. Add the baking soda and the yeast diluted in warm water. Leave to rise. Spread egg yolk over the flat loaf, sprinkle it with sesame and bake.

Chicken with groats


chicken, groats, onion, paprika, tomatoes, oil, salt



Soak the groats. Brown the chopped onion and add the groats to it. After the groats soften, add the meat. Cook for a while and then add paprika and tomatoes. Season with salt and leave to cook fully.

Cheese pie with leeks or leafy green veggies


leeks or dock, sorrel, spinach, groats, lard, white cheese, flour, yeast, salt, water



Stew the leeks in meted lard. Roll out sheets from the bread dough and sprinkle them with the stewed leeks and white cheese, then arrange the sheets one over the other. Bake in the oven.

Karvavitsa (blood-sausage)


fatty pork breasts, salo, pork blood, groats, black pepper, savory, salt



Chop the meat and the salo. Add the blood to them. Season with salt and spices. Use this fatty mixture with a little groats to stuff the large pig intestine and the cleaned pig bladder and then hang to dry. Consume boiled and then a little roasted.

Leeks with dzhumerki

Broad beans

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