organic chicken, garlic, vinegar



Boil the chicken. Add garlic and vinegar to the stock. Cook until a thin stew is obtained.

Nettle porridge


nettles (tops), onion, green garlic, eggs, white cheese, paprika



Boil the nettles and strain. Brown the onion, garlic and eggs. Add the nettles to the mixture. Sprinkle with white cheese and paprika.

Roasted carp


carp, walnuts, mulberry tree twigs



Clean the fish and stuff with the walnuts. Arrange mulberry tree twigs at the bottom of the baking dish and place the carp over them, then bake.

Sborenska stew


mutton, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, mint



Cut the meat and put in a pan. Add the potatoes, tomatoes, celery and mint. Boil together.

If made with a whole sheep (lamb), place the meat in a baking dish. Fry with onion, paprika and flour. Season the meat, cover with a rolled out sheet of dough or with horse-radish leaves and roast.

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