Explosive soup


French beans, 1 onion, 1–2 potatoes, 1 red tomato, water, salt, dill, 8–10 green wild plums



Bring the water to the boil, add the French beans until cooked. Then add the chopped potatoes, onion and red tomato. Finally, add the green wild plums. Season the soup with salt and fresh chopped dill. Serve on hot summer days. The locals also call the dish „wild soup“ as it is vegan, made without meat or any oil.

Old-time stew


pork, onion, leek, dried damsons, red tomatoes, salt, paprika, water, lard



Cut the pork into pieces and fry in the lard. Add a major quantity of finely chopped onion and leeks and fry. When the vegetables are cooked, sprinkle with paprika and pour over with water. Add the damsons which have been soaked in advance to soften. Finally, add the chopped red tomatoes and salt to taste. Leave to simmer for a few minutes more until ready.


Other interesting places and recipes


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