Pogacha (round loaf)


wheat flour, yeast, an egg, yoghurt, salt, sugar, sunflower or olive oil



Sift the flour two times. Add salt, sugar, yeast, an egg, yoghurt, sunflower or olive oil, and make dough. Leave the dough to rise covered with a cloth. Bake in the oven in a baking dish greased with oil. When ready sprinkle with water and sugar and cover with a cloth again.



whole baby onions, baby garlic cloves, hare or pork meat, carrots, whole new potatoes, a glass of white or red wine, sunflower oil, tomato puree, paprika



In an earthen pot arrange whole baby onions, baby garlic cloves and small potatoes, slices of hare meat or pork and chopped carrots. Add paprika, tomato puree, sunflower oil, salt and a glass of either white or red wine. Cover with a lid and plaster with some dough. Bake in a moderate oven. First bake with bottom heat only, and then with both top and bottom heat – in a moderate oven.

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