Pishman (Pishmankyoy)

Thracian-style katmi (pancakes)


1 kg flour, 2.2 l water, salt, chicken, several onions, paprika



You need two days for cooking. On the first day, make the katmi pancakes. Sift the flour. Put salt and some water in a deep pan. Add the flour gradually and the rest of the water, and stir so as to prevent lumps. The batter that you obtain should pour easily but should not be runny. Bake the katmi over a hot, greased sach (a clay dish). Arrange them one over the other in a baking dish and cover. On the next day, fry onions, chicken meat and paprika in a pan without adding any seasoning except salt. Add warm water and cook to make stew. Move the katmi to another baking dish to make sure they unstick. Cut the whole layer of about 30 katmi into squares and triangles and arrange them fan-like in a deep pan. Then place the cooked chicken over the layer of katmi and top everything with the hot stew.

Thracian-style banitsa (cheese pie)


flour, salt, oil, vinegar, water, eggs, white cheese, a little boiled rice or groats



Make ordinary dough from flour, oil, vinegar, lukewarm water and salt. Take some time to knead the dough, then divide into six balls. Roll out each of the balls into a sheet of dough. Bake the sheets on the plate of the stove and turn them. Leave the lower and upper sheets raw. As you arrange the sheets, spread a little bit of oil or melted lard on each sheet and sprinkle them with the stuffing. Bake the banitsa in the oven first from the bottom, then take it out, turn over and bake again from the top.

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